Thousands of people each year choose immigration to Australia to secure a better life for themselves and their families. 

From 2009 to 2019, the average number of migrant arrivals was 493,000 per year. The COVID pandemic decreased the number of arrivals, but in 2021 more than 100,000 people arrived in Australia again. 

It’s no surprise that so many migrants choose Australia. It consistently ranks as one of the best countries to live in the world. 

That’s thanks to Australia being family-friendly and safe, offering excellent employment opportunities, having well-developed public education and health systems, and having some of the best universities in the world. 

Please book a consultation call with our licensed advisor to discuss immigration to Australia.


Australia has various visas and immigration pathways that provide temporary and permanent residence. 

There are also visas for visitors who want to come to Australia for a short time, such as tourists and business travellers. 

Intergate Emigration assists with the following visas and immigration pathways:

Skilled migration to Australia is designed to attract individuals who can contribute to Australia’s economy and work in skills shortage areas.

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The Business Innovation and Investment Visa lets migrants own and manage a new or existing business, conduct business and investment activity in Australia, or carry out entrepreneurial activities in Australia.

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Partner Visas lets the de facto partners and spouses of Australians and eligible New Zealand citizens live in Australia temporarily or permanently or travel to Australia to marry their prospective Australian spouse. 

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Family Visas let the parents, children, and remaining relatives of Australians or eligible New Zealanders move to Australia temporarily or permanently. 

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Student Visas are for school-going children and tertiary students. Guardians also have visas available to them to join the student in Australia. 

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Short Stay Visas allow short-term or temporary work assignments.

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Visas for Returning Residents are for Australians who’d like to live in Australia after being absent from the country for an extended period and eligible permanent residents and citizens without valid travel validities.

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Australian permanent residents, eligible New Zealand citizens, and people born overseas to a parent who is an Australian citizen are eligible to apply for Australian citizenship. 

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Let’s take a closer look at immigration to Australia:


Australia’s immigration requirements are visa-specific. 

For example, to apply for a Skilled Independent Visa, applicants must be under 45 and work in an occupation on a skilled occupation list, or to apply for a Partner Visa, the applicant must have a spouse or de facto partner who’s an Australian or eligible New Zealander.

However, some requirements are universal. For example, all visa applicants must meet Australia’s health and character requirements. 

Please see our website for each visa’s requirements or book a consultation call with our licensed advisor to discuss the criteria for immigration.


While the immigration application process is visa-specific, migrants can expect the following: 

  1. Eligibility assessment: It is advisable to start with an eligibility assessment. Eligibility assessments determine if a candidate meets Australia’s basic immigration requirements and shows what visas the person might qualify to apply for. 
  2. Gathering documents: Once it has been confirmed that the candidate qualifies for a visa, it’s time to gather the necessary documents for the application. These include, for example, police clearance certificates, identity documents, marriage certificates, acceptance letters from tertiary institutions, etc. 
  3. Visa-specific requirements: The visa applicant will also, if required, complete an English language and skills assessment and do occupational registrations. Some visa applicants also have to submit an Expression of Interest to indicate their interest in applying for a visa. If the applicant’s Expression of Interest is selected, they’ll receive an Invitation to Apply.
  4. Submitting visa application: With the required documents and all other necessary processes completed, it’s time to submit the visa application. 


Hopeful migrants can determine their eligibility to immigrate to Australia by completing an assessment with a licensed immigration advisor. 

While there are free online assessments available, these aren’t reliable. Online assessments don’t ask all the questions they should and aren’t always up to date on the latest immigration regulations.

People who want to live and work in Australia can immigrate without a job offer - provided they get enough points to apply for a work visa and subsequently get a visa before departing to Australia. A work visa is necessary to enter and stay in Australia legally.

To apply for skilled migration through Subclass 189, 190 and 491 visas, applicants must be under 45.

Migrants who want to apply for a Business Innovation and Investment Visa must be under the age of 55 instead, except when applying for the Significant Investor Stream

 There are no age limits for partner, parent or student visas.

It is possible to move to Australia if you’re over 50, although migrants over 50 have fewer visa options. These visa options are as follows:

Some Australian visas require sponsorship, while others don’t. Whether an applicant needs sponsorship to immigrate to Australia will depend on the visa they qualify for.

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