The Active Investor Plus Visa is for migrants with at least NZD15 million to invest in New Zealand. Visa holders can apply for PR after four years. 



Active Investor Plus Visa holders can:

  • Live, work and study in New Zealand
  • Apply for permanent residence after four years of keeping their funds in New Zealand


To apply for the Active Investor Plus Visa, candidates must:

  • Invest at least NZD15 million or the weighted equivalent in acceptable investments in New Zealand
  • Have earned or acquired their investments lawfully
  • Be a fit and proper person, i.e. all businesses the applicant has influence over must have complied with all immigration, employment and taxation laws, and the applicant must also:
    • Have never been investigated by the Serious Fraud Office or the New Zealand police for any offence resulting from business dealings 
    • Have no conviction for any offence involving dishonesty
    • Have never been involved in business fraud or financial impropriety
  • Invest the nominated funds in acceptable investments in New Zealand for a minimum of 48 months
  • Have an acceptable standard of English
  • Meet New Zealand’s health and character requirements


Immigration New Zealand stipulates that the value visa applicants can claim for their investment funds depends on if the funds are owned by the applicant or jointly by them and another person. 

The visa applicant can:

  • Claim the total value of the investment if it’s owned jointly with their partner, provided the applicant and their partner are in a recognised partnership 
  • Claim the total value of the investment if it’s held jointly with their dependent children
  • Only claim for their part of the investment if it’s owned jointly with someone other than their partner or dependent child

Evidence of funds may include:

  • Bank statements
  • Title deeds
  • Property valuations
  • Share certificates
  • Business ownership documents
  • Asset valuations


To apply for an Active Investor Plus Visa, the applicant must invest in acceptable investments in New Zealand. 

Immigration New Zealand defines ‘acceptable investments’ as an investment of funds that:

  • is not for the personal use of the applicant,
  • is invested in New Zealand in New Zealand currency, and
  • is invested in either one or more of the following:
    • Listed equities
    • Philanthropy
    • Managed funds
    • Direct investments

The applicant must prove at the time of transfer that the investments are acceptable. This evidence must include the following information:

  • The full name of the principal applicant
  • The amount invested in New Zealand dollars
  •  The date the applicant made the investment
  • The type of investment
  • Documentary evidence of the investment
  • A letter from an external and reputable professional such as a solicitor, chartered accountant or investment broker confirming that the funds are invested
  • A letter of confirmation from New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) if the investment is a direct investment 

The investment must continue to meet the requirements of an acceptable investment during the four years it’s invested.


Active Investor Plus Visa applicants who Immigration New Zealand approve in principle will have six months to transfer their funds to New Zealand.

The transfer can be done directly from the visa applicant’s bank to New Zealand through the banking system or from one of the following third parties:

  • A solicitor acting on behalf of the applicant
  • A pension scheme that’s in the applicant’s name
  • An investment portfolio account that’s in the applicant’s name

The applicant can also apply for a temporary visa to travel to New Zealand to arrange the transfer and investment of their funds.

Applicants unable to transfer the funds within six months can apply for an extension. Still, they must do so before the transfer period expires and show how they have taken reasonable steps to do the transfer and make the investments.


The Active Investor Plus Visa requires an investment of at least NZD15 million in New Zealand. Successful applicants can apply for PR after holding their investment in New Zealand for four years.

An Active Investor Plus Visa applicant can include their family in their application. Any family members included must travel to and enter New Zealand within 12 months of their visa being granted.

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