New Zealand employer accreditation is required for Employers who want to hire workers from overseas using the Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV).

Intergate Emigration assists New Zealand employers with this process. Please continue reading to learn more.



New Zealand employers can apply for one of four different levels of accreditation:

  • Standard accreditation: Standard businesses hiring up to five migrant workers.
  • High-volume accreditation: Standard businesses hiring six or more migrant workers.
  • Franchisee accreditation: Businesses that are part of a franchise - there’s no limit on how many migrants the business can hire. 
  • Controlling third-party accreditation: Businesses who place migrants with third parties while being the direct employer named in the employment agreement. There is no limit on how many migrants the business can hire. 

Employers must have a New Zealand Business Number (NZBN) unless it’s a foreign diplomatic mission and a business IRD number to apply for accreditation.

Furthermore, the employer must comply with New Zealand immigration law, and employment and business standards. 


The New Zealand Accredited Employer Accreditation process has four steps:

Immigration New Zealand experts employers applying for accreditation to be viable, genuine businesses, which means being able to meet one of these criteria:

  • The company has not made a loss over the past two years
  • The business has had a positive cash flow each month for at least six months
  • There is enough capital or external investment for the business to remain viable
  • There is a credible 2-year plan to ensure the company remains viable

The business must also comply with New Zealand immigration law, employment and business standards. Furthermore, the employer and any key people in the company can’t be on New Zealand’s Labour Inspectorate stand-down list or permanently banned from hiring migrants.

Unless exempt, employers must advertise jobs to check that no suitable New Zealand citizens or residents are available for the role before applying for accreditation.

Job ads must show the following:

  • Job description
  • Minimum and maximum pay
  • Location
  • Minimum hours of work
  • Estimated actual earnings if the job pays by piece, commission, or there are other rates or bonuses
  • Minimum skills, experience and qualifications for the role
  • A pay range that is at least the market rate for that role
  • The salary is at least the NZ median wage unless the occupation is on an exemption list.

The employer must advertise the job for at least two weeks on a national listing website or channel where New Zealanders are likely to apply and the end date of the advertising must be within the 90 days prior to submitting the Job Check application.

Exemption criteria: The job pays at least twice the New Zealand median wage or is an occupation on the Green List.

Once an employer is accredited, they must apply for a job check. The employer must submit the following information:

  • A job description
  • An employment agreement
  • The result of any advertising that the employer did

Job checks are valid for six months or until the employer no longer has accreditation.

Once the job check is approved, the migrant worker can apply for their Accredited Employer Work Visa. The employer must send the migrant a request to apply from their Immigration Online dashboard.

The migrant will need the following documents from the employer to apply for their visa:

  • Copy of the employment agreement
  • Copy of the signed employment offer

If Immigration New Zealand approves the visa, the migrant can take up employment at the employer.


Accredited employers must commit to the following: 

  • Settlement support for the migrant: Sharing specific information about living and working in New Zealand with the migrant, including information about community services in their area.
  • Paying all recruitment costs: The employer must pay all recruitment costs in and outside New Zealand. These costs include but are not limited to advertising costs, recruitment agency fees, job check application fees, trade testing, and training and induction. 

Accredited employers must also continue meeting their obligations as an AEWV employer during their accreditation, including notifying Immigration New Zealand within 10 working days if the people in the organisation change. Accredited employers can also inform Immigration New Zealand if the AEWV holder leaves their employment.


An employer’s initial accreditation lasts 12 months, after which it is necessary to renew it. Upon renewal, the accreditation will last for:

  • 24 months for standard businesses, as long as it has not lapsed for 12 or more months
  • 12 months for franchisees and employers placing migrants with controlling third parties


Employers who entrust their accreditation process to our team will work with one of our licensed immigration advisors and a dedicated administrative assistant. This is how our process works:

The first port of call is a consultation call between the employer and our licensed advisor. This call aims to understand the business’s needs and gather information to advise on the correct way forward. The employer will also be able to ask questions about the process or our business. 

During the next step, our advisor and administrator will work closely with the employer to gather all the information and documentation required to obtain accreditation. Our licensed advisor will also advise on any other requirements the employer must meet before submitting their accreditation application. 

Once the accreditation application is complete, our advisor will submit the application to Immigration New Zealand. Our team will manage the application after submission and inform the employer of the outcome as soon as it’s available. 


Our team can also assist with Accredited Employer Work Visa applications. Employers with accreditation will use this visa to employ migrants at their businesses. 

We’ll assist employers with this visa whether or not our team helped with their accreditation. Please book a consultation call today to get started.

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