New Zealand Median Wage Increases on 28 February 2024

Immigration New Zealand increases the median wage threshold every year in February. This year’s increase comes into effect on 28 February, raising the median wage from NZD29.66 an hour to NZD31.61 an hour.

Five visas and visa categories are affected by the increase

The new median wage threshold will apply to the following visas and visa categories:

  • Skilled Migrant Category
  • Parent Category
  • Green List Straight to Residence and Work to Residence visas
  • Transport workers (excluding bus drivers) applying for the Transport Work to Residence Visa

The Accredited Employer Work Visa is not affected

The increase in the median wage does not apply to the Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEVW) and AEWV-linked visas. The wage threshold for these visas will remain at the current rate of NZD29.66 per hour.

The AEWV-linked visas are the following:

  • Partner of a Worker work visa
  • Variation of Conditions for AEWVs
  • Legacy Essential Skills work visas
  • Interim visas granted under the Skilled Migrant Category
  • Partner of a Worker work visas
  • Subsequent Migrant Exploitation Protection work visas

These exceptions will remain in place with current wage rates until Immigration New Zealand takes further decisions on using the median wage under the AEWV.

A note for current and future AEWV holders

Migrants with an AEWV paid at the current median wage may continue to accrue work experience for Skilled Residence. However, these migrants must have a job or job offer that meets the skills residence pathway rate in line with the median wage at the time of their application.

Migrants who do not yet hold an AEWV must meet the current AEWV median wage requirements, but they must be able to meet the new median wage of NZD31.61 when eventually applying for one of the Skilled Residence pathways.

What is a wage threshold?

INZ uses wage thresholds to calculate entitlement to some visas and considers these thresholds to be indicators of the skill level of jobs.

Furthermore, the median wage is the minimum amount a migrant must earn to obtain a visa unless their role has an exemption.

Do you have any questions?

Is anything about the median wage increase unclear? Or do you have concerns about how the increase could affect your eligibility to work or live in New Zealand?

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