In this document: ‘We’, ‘Our’ and ‘Us’ means Intergate Emigration Pty Ltd and Intergate Emigration GmbH and/or the licensed immigration adviser(s) employed by Us; whilst ‘You’ and ‘Your’ means the client(s) to whom we have agreed to provide the below services.


1. Licensed immigration advisers (LIAs) must meet professional standards and follow a Code of Conduct (the Code).

2. We undertake to adhere to the Code.

3. The Code regulates the conduct of licensed immigration advisers, and its purpose is to protect clients of LIAs, and to strengthen the integrity of the immigration advice industry.

4. The competency standards provide information about an adviser’s minimum standards of competence incl. the knowledge a LIA must have depending on the license they hold.

5. The Code of Conduct can be accessed here.


6. Natanya Mostert is the holder of a provisional immigration adviser licence which allows her to provide immigration advice in relation to all immigration matters, while working under the direct supervision of an adviser with a full immigration adviser licence (the supervisor).

7. Natanya Mostert must seek advice from her supervisor whenever necessary.

8. Katrin Maja O’Flynn Licence Number 201400975 is the supervisor responsible for providing this direct supervision.

9. Any personal information You provide will be shared between Natanya Mostert and Katrin Maja O’Flynn, as part of the supervision agreement, between Natanya Mostert and Katrin Maja O’Flynn. The supervisor is required to keep this personal information confidential under clause 12(d) of the Licensed Immigration Advisers Code of Conduct 2014.


10. You are engaging Our services for a 30-Minute Initial Immigration Consultation.

11. The services are to be provided by our Licensed Immigration Adviser (LIA no. 202300649).

12. The Consultation will take place in a manner and place as specified in the Initial Immigration Consultation Confirmation email, which will be emailed to You once You have made Your booking.

13. The duration of the Initial Immigration Consultation is up to 30 minutes.

14. After booking Your Initial Immigration Consultation with Us, You will be send a link to complete an assessment questionnaire which We need You to complete and return to Us together with Your CV(s) and (if applicable) copies of Your qualification documents.

15. Not providing these documents to Us at least 24 hours prior to Your scheduled Immigration Consultation will result in Us having to retrieve this information from You during the consultation.

16. During Your Initial Immigration Consultation, You will have the opportunity to describe Your current circumstances and concerns, including ask Us immigration related questions. We will endeavour to respond to the questions You have and aim to establish whether or not We can provide immigration assistance to You. This includes that, where applicable, We will give You general information about Your options.

17. We are NOT able to provide detailed immigration advice to You at Your Initial Immigration Consultation.

a) This includes that we are not able to check any documents that You have prepared Yourself or review any prepared applications during the consultation.

18. We do NOT provide document checklists or any templates to You during the Initial Immigration Consultation (these will be provided to You if You subsequently engage Our services for a particular application).

19. If We establish during the consultation that We are able to provide You with immigration assistance, We will email You a breakdown of the estimated costs after Your consultation.

20. If You require further immigration advice following Our Initial Immigration Consultation, including have additional questions regarding the matters discussed during the consultation and/or are seeking advice with respect to any further immigration related matter, then You must first enter into a formal agreement with Us, as required by law.

21. Should You subsequently wish for Us to assist You in pursuing the discussed immigration option, We will prepare and email You a Service Agreement that describes the services that We will provide, along with the professional fees and other costs involved.


22. The Consultation Fee is a fixed fee inclusive of VAT.

23. The Consultation Fee is to be paid via one of the available payment options (PayPal or Credit Card "Visa or Mastercard").

24. You will receive an invoice from Us for the payment of the consultation fee after Your scheduled appointment.

25. Please note that refunds are offered in very limited circumstances.


26. We will treat any personal information You give Us as confidential, and keep and maintain such information in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Act.


27. If for any reason You are unable to attend Your scheduled Immigration Consultation You can reschedule Your booking up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled time.

28. If You fail to reschedule or cancel Your appointment at least 24 hours in advance, Your appointment with Us will be forfeited.

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Licenses: Our advisors are licensed to give immigration advice for Australia and New Zealand: Our MARA numbers are 1467325 and 1807854. Our IAA numbers are 201400975, 201600505, and 202300649. Our LIAA number is 220104. Katrin Maja O'Flynn and Maike Versfeld are also authorized under §1 AuswSG in Germany.

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